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Reporting a drug dealer overseas

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David1234 Thu 13-Aug-15 10:36:23

Hello everybody

Please help

I have heard many good things about this forum over the years. Many stories of justice. Although my story is not related to parenting, I am most certainly looking for justice.

A friend and I recently travelled around South-East Asia. Whilst in Bangkok, Thailand we met an American and his Thai girlfriend and became friends. To cut a long story short, he was a drug dealer and sold to us a small amount of cocaine. My friend ingested most of the cocaine and became violently ill. I suffered too but nowhere near as much. My friend almost died in Thailand because it was not actually cocaine, it was white heroin. Some may argue, and they may be right, that my friend and I got what we deserved. I am here to ask for help in serving up justice to the drug dealer.

Through his phone number I found his whatsapp and from there his facebook account. From his facebook history I have deduced that he is a dj in Bangkok, owns a 'food truck' which may possibly be a front for a money laundering operation and is protected by the local Thai police. It seems every other day he posts photos of his latest purchase, a car, a motorbike, a watch, an outfit that would cost around £500 and lots and lots of jewellery.

What can I do to get him the justice he deserves before he kills someone? If he hasn't already done so.

Please help

goddessofsmallthings Sat 15-Aug-15 01:54:41

If you're in the UK I suggest you make contact with the Metropolitan Police Drugs Directorate (aka the Drug Squad) who work in partnership with other agencies/countries and pass your information to them.

I would also suggest you make contact with the American Embassy and let them know what you have reason to believe this U.S citizen is getting up to in Thailand.

However, it would be prudent to omit any reference to the alleged dealer being protected by the local police as you have no evidence to support your 'deductions', nor do you know whether any such alleged protection is part of a police initiative which will eventually see him and/or his suppliers incarcerated.

After having done what little you can to oil the wheels of Thai justice from thousands of miles away, you should accept that the only means by which you may discover whether the alleged dealer has been brought to account is by continuing to check his updates on FB, or whatever other social media sites he subscribes to.

Alternatively, you can thank your guardian angels lucky stars your friend survived and wait for karma to take its course - the soothing sound of a Thai gong hui or a Tibetan singing bowl may help restore harmony to your thoughts of vengeance.

As I doubt that either of you have learned from your experience, and as what happened to your friend is not unheard of in the UK and numerous other countries around the globe, I would advise you both to be exceedingly careful who you buy from and check the goods out thoroughly by ingesting a miniscule amount and waiting to assess the effect before proceeding to get stoned on whatever recreational substance(s) you have chosen to purchase.

Better still, stick to real ale in future but try not to quaff too many pints in any one session otherwise you may find yourselves presenting at A&E with symptoms that are not dissimiar to those of an opinoid overdose.

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