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Driving without road tax

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bestguess23 Tue 04-Aug-15 15:12:17

Before I start, I know I am an idiot. I let my road tax lapse and have just realised. It is about 6 weeks overdue and the car has been driven on a motorway in the time so possibly on an ANPR. I do have a defence as I have been very ill and could get medical evidence if needed but ultimately I am an idiot.

The car is now taxed but obviously there has been a lapse. I work in education so need a DBS for any new job.

If they do pursue me for Driving without Road Tax am I right in thinking it is a criminal offence? If so and I am found guilty or accept guilt, will it show on an enhanced DBS check?

I have been so stupid and now I'm really having a panic. Thank you. Please only answer if you know what you are saying to be correct as I have read so much conflicting info today.

brownfang Tue 04-Aug-15 15:16:57

Don't be daft, they don't check that kind of thing. It only shows up if you got caught.

Better than me, I only realised last night my photo card license was / is 1 yr out of date. blush blush. My license-card ID has been used as important ID several times in last few months, too. I'm off to Post Office in next hour!!

Meandyouandyouandme Tue 04-Aug-15 15:22:53

We moved recently and my husband didn't change the address that his car is registered at. The renewal letter went to our old address, and he couldn't find his V5 either. He then had to send off for a new V5 which took a few weeks, then we could renew the tax. We had to pay a fine for the two months he was untaxed, but I don't think it will be registered anywhere as a criminal offence. No worse than a parking ticket I would say.

bestguess23 Tue 04-Aug-15 15:23:21

I have been caught though as I had to call and renew and they noticed the gap. I know they may not pursue it but if they do I do want to know if it will show up. I know it won't as it stands at the moment but they are going to have to 'investigate' in the words of the not-so-friendly person on the other end of the phone so I am wondering what happens then if they do pursue it.

bestguess23 Tue 04-Aug-15 15:24:05

Thanks meandyou, that's good to know. Sorry was typing as you posted.

Meandyouandyouandme Tue 04-Aug-15 15:25:47

We renewed online and got the "you will be investigated line". It was a fine through the post a couple of weeks later, just pay that as soon as you get it. I can't see that it is something that is criminal now the tax is paid anyway.

PoundingTheStreets Thu 06-Aug-15 00:24:01

I'm fairly sure you will only get dealt with as a criminal matter if you are caught by police while actually in the act of driving it on the road. The rest is dealt with by DVLA direct and won't show up on DBS.

bestguess23 Thu 06-Aug-15 00:30:20

Thanks all, fingers crossed!

ralphlauren Thu 06-Aug-15 00:31:42

Fang, you can renew your licence online now using your passport picture (if not too old). Mine was out of date for a while 3 years

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