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Eurocarpark fine: pay or not?

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anon33 Tue 28-Jul-15 11:54:44

Months ago I parked in one of those camera manned (private) car parks. I went over my time by 20 minutes; about 60p worth in time. I honestly did not understand the concept of these, thought that I was ok as I did not receive anything on the windscreen.

Anyway I received a fine, went to pay it online but then saw many similar queries about such a place and the general advice was to appeal it, offering to pay the excess and a small amount of compensation (£5 or so) and refuse to pay anything further.

I did the above, appeal was rejected and I just received a letter from a debt collection company asking for £160. I am fully prepared to pay it if I have to as I have an unblemished credit history, but would obviously prefer not to pay it if I didn't have to!

So, to pay or not to pay? Is it likely that they will take court proceedings against me?

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