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Please help - need to change solicitor before contract exchange

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Katy3Cats Wed 22-Jul-15 11:11:38

I'll try to keep this short - We're buying a new build and selling our house

Our solicitor was recommended by the estate agents but they're absolutely appalling - really rude and aggressive on the phone - they talk over me completely, audibly sigh and make little digs if I ask any questions and are just so argumentative - honestly never heard anything like it.

She just told me:

They're not worried about missing deadlines as new builds never complete on time

They will never confirm receipt of any documents. Or review them. They will literally forward our emails on and wait for a response. They will never chase for a response.

They will never answer our emails as they have 'literally 100s every day'

They repeatedly said that it's not their responsibility that we've missed our deadlines (she was on holiday for one of them, without telling us)

They have told blatant lies re. when they requested info from us (we have evidence of when it was actually requested)

She has lied to me about what info they were waiting on from the seller - then forgot she'd lied about it so just flat out denied she'd ever said it

They refused to tell me what info/documents they're waiting on as she said I would 'get confused and write it down wrong'
When I told her that the developer for our new house were asking me what we were waiting on, she still refused and said she would email me. We'll see if that ever materialises.

We've missed 2 exchange deadlines now and the developer for our new house has said the property will be released from reserve and put back on the market if we don't exchange in a reasonable timeframe

The solicitors are handling both our sale and purchase - would we be really stupid to continue with them, if they've been this terrible and we haven't even exchanged yet?

Just after any help or advice really. She was so rude and aggressive on the phone just now - she wouldn't let me write any of it down, and when I said 'can I just write the name of that document down' she snapped at me that she wasn't repeating it over the phone

If I wasn't so flaming livid, I could cry sad angry

LIZS Wed 22-Jul-15 11:19:59

Email the managing partner and start a complaint. They may offer an alternative at the same firm but it should speed things up. Changing now is difficult as they may be awkward about transferring your file and a lot of work would need to be redone.

Katy3Cats Wed 22-Jul-15 12:01:02

LIZS thanks for your reply

I think, amazingly, the solicitor dealing with us (who is so unbelievably rude) is one of 2 partners there. It's the two of them + the receptionist by the looks of it - I don't think we'd get any improvement.

Lesson learned re. using a firm recommended by the estate agent - never, ever again!

kirinm Wed 22-Jul-15 12:04:40

I'd suggest copying that list and sending a copy to them and then to the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority). Advise your sols that they'll be liable for any costs incurred as a consequence of their work. Approach another conveyancing firm, point out the deadlines and problems and ask them if they can reasonably assist within the timeframes.

I'm a solicitor and they sound like dicks.

kirinm Wed 22-Jul-15 12:08:44

Firms are required to have compliance officers. It might well be the partner you're speaking to but a threat of the SRA and any mention of negligence might prompt some concern. I was in training the other day and was told that professional negligence in areas of conveyancing was the most significant in all areas of law.

Katy3Cats Wed 22-Jul-15 12:26:05

kirinm they really are dicks - I will look into the SRA - thanks!

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