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My ex is hidding dividend payments and property assets details, what can I do?

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TheCommander Thu 16-Jul-15 20:45:15

My ex receives a salary, but his main income comes from dividends, which he has been very secretive about since we separated. Obviously, this hidden part of his income has a significant bearing when it comes to defining spousal and child maintenance amounts, and in the separation of assets.

The company in question is an LTD and it is obviously registered at the Companies House, is there any way to find out more details?

He also has property assets that are not being declared, both commercial and domestic. I know their location two of them but do not have the addres of the third, where can I find proof that he owns them?

Every time we have been in court he is asked to provide more details and he says he will provide them within 10 days, but is been 18 months and he still hasn't.

Any suggestion on how to get that information myself? I don't have much money left to take him back to court/spend in solicitors, so any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

TaraG23 Fri 17-Jul-15 17:35:45

If you have an original financial order, you can apply for a variation order and he will have to provide his Form E. As you have had problems with his financial disclosure in the past, you could ask for a penal notice to be attached to the directions which would mean that he could be punishable by prison if he doesn't provide the information. Join the facebook group Self Representing in Court for help and consider a McKenzie Friend to help you if you continue to proceed with court. You don't need solicitors, you just need to know what to do and how to do it.

babybarrister Sat 18-Jul-15 09:19:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RedDaisyRed Sat 18-Jul-15 11:46:29

You can also do a free company search at companieshouse - google companies house beta and that might show something if you download the accounts although may not reveal much for a small company. I would certainly download the accounts for the last 3 years and read them carefully and also the annual returns. Those annual returns should show the shareholders of the company which is worth checking too.

TheCommander Sun 19-Jul-15 01:18:50

Thank you for the pointers. They are much appreciated, we are beyond the E Form, he has presented it, it is just that he has not made a frank disclosure...

I take note about The PN1, I had never heard about it. He won't sign it voluntarily, but it would be interesting to see whether the court could force him.

I have downloaded quie a bit of info about the company from the Companies House, as you said, the information is very short but at least I know now he owns a rather significant number of company share.

RedDaisyRed Sun 19-Jul-15 13:18:57

Often the notes to the accounts give some clues and sometimes it says the company is holding a lot of cash in the bank although that's probably unlikely here.

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