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My 83 year old father has acquired a girlfriend

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Onthescrapheap Wed 15-Jul-15 21:57:41

He has told me today he sees them moving in together. I have some concerns, he is in extremely poor health, severe heart failure and other problems and she is 14 years younger and in excellent physical health although he told me today she is bipolar. It all seems to be moving very quickly, I haven't even met her. She lives in a council flat, he owns his house. Would she have any rights over his property if she gave up her tenancy and moved in with him? I want his happiness obviously, but I'm concerned about her motives (maybe unfairly I know), and also that he doesn't realise the reality of living with severe mental health issues, she was recently hospitalised and since DH is bipolar I know how ill you have to be to get admitted these days, but said they tweaked her medication and is under control now, which he accepts at face value. I'm very worried.

googley2 Thu 16-Jul-15 00:55:19

Unless they marry she will have no entitlement to his house - BUT he can leave it to anyone he likes in his will including you or her. At their time of life I don't see age as a concern rather more two lonely people. It may be just what he "thinks" OR wants to happen but you haven't heard her side yet. Not many are happy to give up their council homes these days as they will never get another one. I would just wait and see what happens as it may be nothing at all.

prh47bridge Thu 16-Jul-15 07:48:43

She will not gain any entitlement to his house simply by moving in with him. She may be able to establish a claim by making contributions to the house. Also when he dies she may be able to make a claim under the Inheritance Act if she has been living with him for over 2 years at the time.

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