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Tax credit...what next?

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excitedforbaba Wed 15-Jul-15 21:24:09

Hi all

Hopefully posting in the right section!?

A family member (doesn't deal with with "this modern technology") seperated from her husband in 2014. 1 child together

Claimed tax creds as single parent (wasn't entitled to before) all well to May 2015 received a letter to say they believed her ex was still living at her address. Tax creds basically said it was to do with an application for finance made to her address.

Later discovered ex husband had obtained a loan from his bank which was still addressed to her house. (amicable split never thought to change address as post was sent on contact weekend with child)

Family member told ex husband to change address over and sent in bank statements phone bills etc with his new address on but deemed insufficient

Mandatory reconsideration - more official documents sent, letter from ex husband, those whom he lives with now, print out of text messages to let friend know he had moved out and a letter from employer.

Found out today it's still insufficient. Does anyone know what the next step is? An appeal? Get a solicitor involved?

Hopefully I have covered everything in post
Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks

MrsChiefTyrell Wed 15-Jul-15 21:51:36

That doesn't seem quite right.

One piece of evidence indicating he lives there (application for finance/loan) and then lots of evidence that he doesn't should result in them realising he isn't living there.

Did he provide evidence of his new address by way of a tenancy agreement or deeds to his new home?

Has he ensured he has nothing else registered at her address? Have they provided copies of their respective Council Tax bills to show they each have their own at their own homes?

What about utility bills in each of their names at each of their homes - shows they are not living together if they are using and paying bills at each home to a normal amount.

excitedforbaba Wed 15-Jul-15 22:06:15

She was assuming it was a case of they have to prove he is living there but turns out she very much has to supply evidence he isn't!

As she says back years ago they used to have their snoops and unannounced house calls to report any activity it's a pity they didn't still use that method

He has moved back to family home with his mother & younger sister so no tenancy or utility bills.
All utility bills in family members home are addressed to her and where from before they were married. Over here there is no council tax water bill etc

All his stuff is now registered to his mother's address

MisForMumNotMaid Wed 15-Jul-15 22:12:06

Did he go on the electoral role to vote this year from his mums?

excitedforbaba Wed 15-Jul-15 23:25:50

That I don't know MisforMum (fab user name! I need a badge saying that!)

Probably not to be honest...think one of those men who don't do much without a giant kick up the backside! He was never keen on ringing a weekend takeaway so ringing several companies to change his address over wouldn't be top of his to do list!

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