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Can I reply myself or should I get a solicitor?

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skyeskyeskye Tue 14-Jul-15 16:03:19

XH has emailed to say that he has seen a solicitor and a letter is on the way with some proposals in. this is in connection to contact with our DD, which he withdrew by his own choice 3 weeks ago and now wants to resume. I have told him that there are now several issues that need resolving before contact resumes and that i want mediation (which he has previously refused)

Can i respond directly to the solictor myself, or should I get a solicitor to reply? I can't afford legal fees, so really don't want to get a solicitor involved unless have to.

Depending on what the proposals are, i know what my answers will be. So can I respond directly to the proposals? Can I refuse to engage unless he goes to mediation?

I have never withheld contact but I am reluctant to let it resume until all current issues are resolved.

He wants to talk after a DAF meeting on Friday, but as he has been aggressive and verbally abusive on the phone, I will no longer talk to him without a third party present, so I think I can insist on mediation because of that?

Bellemere Tue 14-Jul-15 16:29:32

He will have to attend mediation if he wants to go to court. You can respond to the solicitor's letter yourself and you can self represent if it goes to court.

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