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Help please- used car and threats against my family

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GameOfGroans Mon 13-Jul-15 22:23:35

A month ago, our neighbour opposite reversed out of his drive and hit our car. He admitted liability and was happy to go through his insurance to pay for the damage. This was all fine, until my dp let slip to him in a conversation that we were planning to sell the car in the future.

The car is an old one, a good model but very high mileage so we didn't expect to get much for it, however as soon as the neighbour heard we were going to sell he immediately asked if he could buy it. Stupidly, dp agreed.

Now the situation started to get complicated, as the neighbour went ahead with his insurance company fixing the damage, but on the understanding that once the work was completed he would buy the car. They agreed on a deposit and this was paid. The work took a couple of weeks to complete and the car was delivered back. This was when the neighbour started to get nasty as he said that the work completed wasn't good enough when he saw the car.

At this point we had begun to have second thoughts anyway as the agreed price was very low and as we were happy to accept the work as good enough, so dp offered him his deposit back.

Neighbour became very aggressive, and said that the deposit he had given us could have been making money elsewhere and he wanted it back with interest plus what he had lost (as he already had a buyer for the car). He threatened to kick our door in if he didn't get what he wanted (I think that at this point he was hoping for the car for nothing) and told my dp that he didn't care that we have a family (we have a 5 year old and I'm heavily pregnant). He said he didn't care that we had babies walking around, it wouldn't be him that came knocking and we should not go to the police.

After speaking to citizens advice we decided to go ahead with the sale for the original price. It took a further few trips to the garage before he was happy with the work, but once it was done the car was sold for the agreed amount. He signed paperwork saying the car was sold as seen. Case closed (or so we thought).

Fast forward to today, (4 weeks later) dp receives a message from him saying that the car is leaking oil and he is not happy. The message was written in an aggressive tone, as if he is expecting us to sort things out.

Is now the time to go to the police? Does anyone know where we stand legally? Sorry this is so long but I'm really worried now!

ChameleonCircuit Tue 14-Jul-15 08:10:53

I thought private car sales were the perfect example of buyer beware?

I would have been on to the police when he started with his threats, never mind selling him a car dirt cheap. Hope you get him off your back.

goshhhhhh Tue 14-Jul-15 08:16:10

Go to the police. Report him for threatening behaviour

honeysucklejasmine Tue 14-Jul-15 08:21:57

Gosh, I'd have been to the police as soon as he threatened you!

GameOfGroans Tue 14-Jul-15 19:15:02

Thanks for your replies, I agree, should have gone to the police straight away. However dp thought the best thing would be to go through with the sale as this is what they said at citizens advice.

He has been on to them again today and they have everything recorded so if we do go to the police they will have access to all the details. Luckily we have the threatening messages saved as more evidence.

What I'm really worried about though is making things worse, as I'll be home alone with a newborn soon. Just want to feel safe in my own home!

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