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Contact order

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catarratto Sun 12-Jul-15 17:04:21

in 2012 after a final hearing a contact order was made regarding my ex and our daughter. There is a history of domestic violence and him being extremely difficult. He has always found contact difficult to maintain. After the final hearing he started contact but then started being late or not turning up. I heard nothing for a year and then received a letter from a solicitor saying I had broken the contact order when in my opinion it was actually him that did this. I was offered mediation and was adviced to obtain a no contact order. Unfortunately I could not afford the legal fees as the legal aid restrictions had come into force so the situation was left. Following 2 years of nothing, he phoned the school saying he was going to pick my daughter up from school which he didn't but now I am worried he will surface saying I breeched the order. My daughter has stated she does not wish to see him and has told me about violent incidents that occurred when she was with him. I have a residence order but am worried he will start all over again. We had 6 years of court hearings and throughout that time I had 3 injunctions and he had harassment warnings. He was still granted contact. All I want to do is protect my child. I am also making a will stating guardianship to my husband but in light of the no contact I am worried the court would overlook my wishes. I have recently been diagnosed with mental health issues but my daughter is extremely well cared for. He is not aware of this. We are also staying at my parents as we had to leave our rented house due to our landlord selling it although we are on a waiting list for a new one. I feel very vulnerable and frightened for my daughter. She would be distraught if she had to stay never mind live with him. She is 9. Please help, I am becoming ill with worry.

kittensinmydinner Sun 12-Jul-15 19:12:44

When did your cd see her father last and how old is she now ? Relevant before I can offer advice of over a decade of court/contact issues.

kittensinmydinner Sun 12-Jul-15 19:13:18

Cd meant dd !

catarratto Sun 12-Jul-15 19:30:51

She last saw him in 2012 and she is 9 next month

catarratto Mon 13-Jul-15 12:35:22

Also if he were to see a solicitor how would I know. He doesn't know where I live and was told he doesn't have to know because of DV but how would I know if there were any solicitors letters? He knows where my parents live and where my child goes to school so he is not completely in the dark

TaraG23 Mon 13-Jul-15 14:25:05

You sound very worried. There are still law firms that may offer some pro bono work (free of charge). And if you also go the courts, there are offices there where people who have no legal representation can get advice. You can apply for a variation to the contact order (now called a Child Arrangements Order). I am a McKenzie Friend and attend court with people who have no representation. I also work for a DV charity. I cannot offer you legal advice but if you do end up going to court then look up the services of a McKenzie Friend or the courts sometimes provide people to go into the hearing with you. No one can prepare for your case better than you can. Don't let fear or finance prevent you from getting what's needed and for you and your child to stay safe.

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