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Life insurance policy question - legal experts, would appreicate your advice.

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Potterwolfie Wed 08-Jul-15 17:26:12

Hi, I wondered if any legal experts might be able to help with some advice on a matter which has just come out of the blue.

DH received a letter informing him of a life insurance policy in his deceased Dad's name (his dad died 16 years ago). The insurance company says the policy was taken out by his dad's mum, when he was born in 1954. We do not know if his Dad knew about the policy. At the time of his death, DH's dad was married to his second wife, and we do not think he left a will. His second wife has since remarried.

The insurance company contacted DH because he was the person to register the death at the time. We need to let them know contact details for his widow, which we will do, as she was next of kin at the time of his death.

Our question is, would any other family member (ie, DH's mum who was married to DH's dad for 25 years before divorce) or his children (DH and his sister) be able to make any claim on the settlement figure?

It sounds horrible and I don't want to come across as awfully mercenary, clearly the next of kin is the legal beneficiary, but my MIL and SIL could also really, really benefit from some financial support and if there's a chance, I think they should pursue it.

titchy Wed 08-Jul-15 18:07:41

Only if they were financially dependent on him at the time of his death.

Collaborate Thu 09-Jul-15 00:52:28

It will either be paid to the owner (whoever is named in the policy as the beneficiary) or, of dad was the owner, will be paid in to his estate to be dealt with under the intestacy rules.

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