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Renting: not clear when to give notice and whether landlord can enter house whilst I'm on holiday.

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freshstart24 Wed 08-Jul-15 16:23:52

I initially rented my house on a six month fixed fixed lease. After this my landlord did not issue a new contract, he said we would automatically go onto a rolling monthly contract.

I want to give notice. I know I have to give at least a month. I'm not clear on when the notice that I give should end- is it the first or the last day of the period of my tenancy?

I'm not even sure which day is first or last of my tenancy period- the only contract I had relates to the initial six month fixed term and states it was 'from and including 15 October 2015, to and including 14 April 2015'.

I want to do this correctly as my landlord has been really difficult and if I get it wrong I'm worried he will penalise me or I'll end up staying another month if I miss the cut off.....

Also, during my notice period I will be on holiday for 2 weeks. I would prefer for prospective tenants not to be shown round whilst I'm out of the house on holiday. Is this reasonable?

Thank you for reading!

Hissy Thu 09-Jul-15 21:44:01

The day before your payment date is the day you give 1 calendar month notice. To give notice this month it needs to be the 14th July I think.

Yes you can refuse access while you are not there. You can refuse access at anytime.

But why not get the house ready, valuables out and stored and let him show tenants? Arrange for a good clean, carpets etc when you're back in preparation for checkout.

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