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Probate! Grr

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Draylon Wed 01-Jul-15 14:22:37

Bit of a rant, actually!

I thought I was in the last stages of getting Probate; oath sworn (privately), forms sent into Winchester Probate (which I used because I was told the London one takes ages- read on!); not insubstantial fee paid. Wait the 10 working days they tell me was the max; nothing, so I call them and lo! A) It's the one and only time after 13 attempts I got a person not an 'no-reply' answering machine; but B) They've lost my paperwork. So I had to go and pay to swear the oath all over again, pay to get it signed for at the PO; then wait. Today is working day 15 after that submission was received (I check via the PO website). So I phoned. Answering machine. So I emailed, and got an automated reply telling me me email would take 'up to 10 working days' to process; and that post-oath Probate was typically taking '7 working days' right now confused

A problem I have is that I have several cheques for the Estate which are getting close to the 6 months expiry and I need an Executor's Account to pay them into, which I can't open without Probate! It is a really straight forward Estate; no issues.

So I wish they'd just Get On With It; as a large part of our lives are on hold pending it.

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