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Social services closed case

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Anabell15 Fri 26-Jun-15 12:30:03

I am looking for an advice if anyone could help with information.
I had an issue just over year ago and my husband reported on me. the social services had to get involved regarding my new born baby welfare. The case was closed after first assessment.
Now I am trying to get registered with Ofsted as a nanny and the registration process seems to got stuck after the Osted applyed for ultimate checks with social services. I have rang Ofsted few times to check the progress but have been told by one person that my application is being rewieved , by another that they are tracking more information because they were not satisfied with the information from the social services and another person told me that my application is inactive and is being rewieved.
I am now very upset about the situation as I was realy hoping to stop my current job away from home and start nannying which would allow me to be with my children same time.
Could anyone tell me if that closed case may stop my registration as nanny? And explain me what Ofsted means in their answers.
Thank you in advance .

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