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Application for Child Arrangements Order - Final hearing

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bella1968 Wed 24-Jun-15 10:13:05

I'd appreciate any words of advice/comfort please.

I have the final hearing in a few weeks, we've had the CAFCASS report which says my twin 11 year olds should remain living with me in the family home and have contact with their father. He has put in his own application and is fighting for them to live with him in the family home and me move out. He has recently received a couple of emails/texts from our Son saying I am ruining his life and calling me a phsycho, the children have been severely affected by their father's behaviour and constant insulting of me to their faces. They both get very angry quickly when something goes wrong and then apologise for swearing and their behaviour and we're back to normal.

My question is: will these emails which he is going to use as evidence that I am a no good mother and cannot look after them properly be enough to sway CAFCASS's decision?

Thanks for your comments

Collaborate Wed 24-Jun-15 12:38:10

Well, if the issues you outline above were made aware to the cafcass officer and have been dealt with in the report, I don't see that much has changed.

bella1968 Wed 24-Jun-15 13:32:00

it is after the CAFCASS report that stbxh has advised through his solicitor of 2 emails that our son has sent him which he will be using in evidence, the cafcass officer knows that he has shouted and swore at them which is why I split up with him, she has also said that the children have been severely affected by the break up and continuing antagonistic behaviour of both of us (although its only him as far as I'm concerned), arguments have stopped months ago but involving the children is what she talks about. My solicitor says that the main time will be spent on asking questions about the CAFCASS officers report and how she gets to her decision, then about an hour on me the rest on him. He made a cross application.

Collaborate Wed 24-Jun-15 14:47:00

Your son will have had a chance to have a confidential chat with the cafcass officer. If he didn't mention it then, wouldn't you put it down to an 11 year old trying to be a teenager?

bella1968 Wed 24-Jun-15 15:04:52

I agree totally, I'm just worried as stbxh thinks it's further evidence that is going to sway the CAFCASS and Judge to make him the resident parent instead of me.

That is certainly the way my barrister will be going as it's the truth, at the time he is very angry and knows that he can lash out at me because I'm the one constant in his life and I've told him I'm not going anywhere, it all makes sense to me what's going on I'm just not sure whether it will be enough for the CAFCASS officer to change her mind or how it will effect the Judge's decision.

thanks for what you've said.

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