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Child maintenance issues

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christmasclean Mon 22-Jun-15 17:17:35

I've never received more than About 6 weeks of payments since March last year 2014. He went on the dole and became self employed during this time. Two weeks ago I phoned Child maintenance informing them it had been more than 3 months since he was self employed and I wanted them to calculate his payments and switch to collect and pay as he never paid me. I chased up the progress today and nothing has been done! The case officer said he would get letters in post straight away and ex had two weeks to respond. But the case officer also said if ex did pay something then they couldn't switch to collect and pay. Do I still have no payments or security on knowledge that I will be paid consistently , I am now so down . And have got wait another two weeks for ex to get back to them . Can any one offer any hope , or shed any light in the system and how back dating works. And can they really refuse collect and ay if he makes me s payment in the next two weeks.

SoundsLegit Mon 22-Jun-15 20:35:05

Yes unfortunately so, but then after that if he misses a payment or pays less etc. I think it can go to the next stage (for a direct debit to be set up), if that fails (after another 2 weeks window for response) it goes to them taking it directly from his bank account, if that fails (after a 2 week wait) it goes to deduction of earnings order for employees but I'm not sure with self employment...maybe court proceedings? It's a long drawn out slog.

Re back dating - as long as you've informed them of the payments missed they are all totted up as arrears that he'll be asked to pay as a lump sum or as extra each month on top of his maintenance payments.

I've been going through this process since last September, had to go through every stage even though I knew no payments would EVER be made voluntarily. It's only just going to a deduction of earnings order now...we'll see if that actually produces anything because so far we've not received a penny.

christmasclean Mon 22-Jun-15 21:00:58

How bloody tiresome x

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