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divorce fees, can i get help?!

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UnapologeticallyUnreasonable Mon 22-Jun-15 09:55:34

Myself and my husband separated in June 2011. (amicable we just don't talk now) I've been with Dp since Sept 2011, and we are expecting our 2nd child together. We have a very low income but I really want to divorce husband so that me and Dp can marry etc. We receive housing benefit, tax credits and DP earns 130 a week. I don't work at all so have no income. Is there any way I could get help with court fees? Divorce would be v straightforward. Any advice would be great!

Collaborate Mon 22-Jun-15 10:31:00


Look on here.


lostdad Mon 22-Jun-15 11:04:46

Yes, do it yourself. They are relatively simple. You will need to file a divorce petition (D8 costing £415), a decree nisi (D84 costing £63 I think) and a degree absolute (D36 costing £45). These costs go to the court.

You can apply for a feee remission if you are on working tax credit but don't get child tax credit.

You will have to pay a solicitor if you want to use one however. So it may be worth using a McKenzie Friend if money is an issue. They aren't always legally qualified (but some are) and can charge considerably less than a solicitor. It's what I do (I work with my partner who is a paralegal).

If you want some pointers, get in touch - advice is free!

Collaborate Mon 22-Jun-15 12:56:41

There is no fee for applying for decree nisi. Never has been.

lostdad Mon 22-Jun-15 13:19:01

Ha! That'll be why I couldn't remember what it was.

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