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Domain Names

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sassandfaff Sun 14-Jun-15 12:01:23

I am launching my own business in Jan.

I have spent bloody ages researching and brain storming ideas for my business name and I finally found the perfect name.

I was so happy..........until I went to register it as a domain!

Some one has it! It isn't set up yet, and just says this site is under construction.

I had already checked company house, before I went to register the domain, and there is no business with that name registered. So it looks like the name is being used purely for a blog/website.

What can I do?

Unfortunately, I think because the is taken, they are asking for nearly £1,500 for the dot com version!


How could I go about asking if they will sell it to me?
If i register it with company house, would i have any rights to challenge the domain?

<clutches straws>

callmewhatever Sun 14-Jun-15 13:31:01

Firstly, I have no legal experience. As far as I believe anyone can set up a domain name if it is available, there's no stopping someone just because you have set up a company with the same name. Usually I would say the first step when planning a business is to make sure the name you want is available as a domain name.

Regarding companies house, sole traders and partnerships don't need to be registered with companies house. But that is a red herring, because as I said anyone can buy a domain name, they could buy it as an investment in the hope someone will pay big money to buy it off them.

Your only options as far as I can see is either request to buy it from the owner or change your company name. It is best to buy at least .com and versions of your business name to stop someone else getting it.

Usually if you search for a domain name and it's taken you can see who owns it, along with contact details, so you may be able to offer to buy that way. However a person can opt out of having their owner details listed so that may not work.

SoupDragon Sun 14-Jun-15 13:33:28

If i register it with company house, would i have any rights to challenge the domain?

I doubt it as they had it first. You could look up to see who owns it and contact them asking if they would be prepared to sell it.

SavoyCabbage Sun 14-Jun-15 13:33:52

Anyone can register a domain name. That is why, for example, B&Q's website is or whatever it is.

Hoppinggreen Mon 15-Jun-15 12:28:47

Can you get a .net version
My company domain was taken but with a small tweak I managed to get something very similar.
Anyone can buy whatever Domain they want, it's not linked to Companies House or anything like that

YonicScrewdriver Mon 15-Jun-15 12:34:41

You could look at getting the .co?

Always check if the domain is available, also the twitter handle, the Facebook page etc if you can.

YonicScrewdriver Mon 15-Jun-15 12:35:54

Or cab you work a domain into the name eg for game etc

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