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Agents have mismanaged my property - can i sack them?

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MrsKoala Wed 10-Jun-15 10:07:44

DH and i rent out our old house. It seems there is substantial damp. This was flagged to us in December but despite us instructing them 3 times to sort it they have not. They have lied and said the tenants have been obstructive and not allowed them access to the property. But after speaking to the tenants it emerges they have been constantly complaining and the contractor who initially contacted them never got back to them.

The agents said the contractor had been accidentally given the wrong contact details and that's why he didn't get thru. But this is also a lie as he did make initial contact and just then never returned calls with availability.

In the 6 months of this our tenants have been living in a dreadfully damp unpleasant environment and the condition has got considerably worse.

We want to sack the agents and manage the property ourselves now and if possible get them to stump up for some of the damage.

Is it possible to sack them and not pay a finders fee and even get something back for their dreadful failures?

LIZS Wed 10-Jun-15 10:19:05

are they a member of ARLA , NAEA or similar ? If you have made a formal complaint and got nowhere internally you may refer it on to whoever they claim affiliation to. However not sure how much bite they really have or if effectively self regulating. Alternatively the small claims procedure might be worth investigating.

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