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Sick leave due to epilepsy

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ScrambledEggAndToast Mon 08-Jun-15 06:40:44

Can someone please reassure me as I am getting very upset and worried.

I have epilepsy and, to be honest, don't take a lot of time off. Maybe one day every 6 weeks if I've had a tonic clinic seizure. But if it were to happen between Friday evening-Saturday evening I probably wouldn't take any time off as I would have time to recover before Monday.

Anyway, week beginning 25th May, I was on annual leave and was pretty unwell. Lots of seizures and spent a lot of time in bed. This coincided with a changeover in medication (withdrawal of one and introduction of another). I am now on week 5 of 8 of the new tablet regime. I felt I couldn't go back to work last week to self certified sick and spent most of the week in bed, sleeping and also had a lot of smaller absence seizures.

By Friday, I was feeling better and yesterday I felt well enough to take my son to the cinema. Big mistake. Within 30 mins of returning home, I had a tonic clinic seizure. I also suspect I had another one this morning at around 3.15am.

So, I think I will have to ask for a fit note from the doctor as I don't feel up to going in. My boss isn't very understanding. I am terrified that if I take too much time off then I'll get the sack. What's likely to happen if I send in a sick note? What are the procedures?

MrsPigling Mon 08-Jun-15 18:14:15

Under the equalities act employer's are not allowed to discriminate against people with disabilities and have to make reasonable adjustments. Their idea of what is reasonable might not be the same as yours though!

Recording your sick days due to epilepsy separately to those for other illness would be considered reasonable though.

Have your employer's done a risk assessment that looks at your epilepsy? Have a look at this link

I hope the medication changes settle soon smile

ScrambledEggAndToast Mon 08-Jun-15 18:39:35

Thanks for the reply. In three years I have only had 1 period of absence (2 days) not caused by epilepsy. According to the Bradford scale, which is used by the NHS, that would have dropped off my record approx 2 years ago now. All the other days are epilepsy related. I am on the list for brain surgery as well as the change in meds. I wonder whether a meeting with OH would be a good idea.

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