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prognosis the same despite lies and 18 month delay

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madeitagain Sun 07-Jun-15 20:15:03

I am seeing the lawyer on Friday but thought there might be a lawyer on mumsnet. To cut a very long story short I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer 9 months after my pregnancy. I am well and there is a low chance of the cancer recurring. I have had chemotherapy and a hysterectomy as a result of the diagnosis. The cysts that lead to the cancer were present during my pregnancy and should have been picked up during pregnancy. The medical expert has confirmed this. He believes that even if the medics had diagnosed cancer as a result of the cysts (it could have been 18 months prior to when they were identified) I still would have had the same prognosis. Does that mean I cannot make a claim? i have suffered hugely (emotionally) as a result of the delay in diagnosing the cancer and there is a change that I may not have had to have had chemotherapy had it been diagnosed earlier. The medical expert has diplomatically stated that the medical representatives lied to me about the care I received on many occasions and colluded in a cover up.

lougle Sun 07-Jun-15 20:48:35

I'm sorry to hear about your cancer diagnosis. What emotional harm do you feel has come from the delayed diagnosis?

madeitagain Sun 07-Jun-15 21:09:16

Seeing a counsellor.I think knowing the cancer (medical expert confirmed this) was growing inside me when I was pregnant and despite my concerns and requests the matter was never investigated properly. The fear of dying- anxiety, anger at having my concerns ignored.

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