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Sharing travel duties for child contact after a separation

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thundermcqueen Tue 02-Jun-15 03:09:59

Since the split some time ago, apart from in a couple of exceptional cases , all collection and drop off has had to be done at my ex's house , where the children live.

The circumstances forced upon me, in having to leave the family home, look like they are going to force me to leave the area to seek better employment and be able to get a place on my own so that i can afford to actually rent alone

I have had a job offer near Leeds. Ex and children live in London.

Am i right in thinking that other than ex doing the decent thing (unlikely) and agreeing to meet me half way every other weekend ,on the friday and again on the sunday - Or one of us do the entire pick up friday journey and one does the entire drop off sunday journey (that would mean approx 4 hr round , 400 mile trip for both of us, not sure on turnaround times , once every other weekend,

OR would have to pursue such an arrangement through the courts?

Otherwise, am I resigned to making a 400 mile round trip, twice, every other weekend, just so my kids can visit me every fortnight. ( or 1 x 400 mile round trip plus the cost of hotel so i could stay in London with them every 2 weeks)

Sorry it's a little longwinded,

I drive , Ex doesn't so would have to go by train which in all honesty I probably would myself if dates were set and could book in advance for decent fairs.

Collaborate Tue 02-Jun-15 07:47:25

The courts generally make the parent who has moved away bear most if not all of the travel burden. Travel by train at weekends from London to Leeds would be very expensive. Would you expect your ex to also pay for the tickets when he's accompanying the children?

I've just looked online and it's around £180 for 1 adult 2 children return Friday to Sunday with a family and friend railcard.

It may at some point start to be too much for the kids to do this journey twice a month, so you may need to be flexible and meet them in London half the time.

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