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Online shopping delivered and signed for by someone else

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EverythingButTheKitchenSink Sun 31-May-15 20:21:27


Sorry sounds trivial but I'm dealing with 100 pounds worth of goods here. I ordered clothing from a well known retailer and entered my address and card details at checkout. I checked my details before checking out and pressing confirm.

When the items were delivered they were delivered to my University not the address I'd entered, apparently as the University address was still on file.

Firstly, I didn't enter this address so it's wrong that this address was used as the postal address and secondly, they were signed for by the University estates when I never gave the clothing company permission to allow anyone but me to sign for them.

Here's the pickle - said clothing company were totally unhelpful, gave no advice, told me to collect the items (at my own expense, over 200 miles when I know they sent them to an address I didn't enter). I asked the University estates manager to hand them back over to the courier as refused which they've done but I've got no proof nor tracking number and retailers aren't helping to trace package.

What rights do I have to request a Visa chargeback given the items were sent to an address I didn't enter and were allowed to be signed for by someone else? I'm also suspicious as they claim the address they sent them to was my card address - my bank have already told me that had the address they used been used to make the payment it would have been declined as it's never been my billing address...

Many thanks for your help!

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