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Reclaiming overpayed council tax

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VoyageOfDad Sat 30-May-15 12:32:41

Hi. A long shot this one i think...

When i moved home about three years ago i remained in single occupancy, just changed address. So at the time i informed the council of my change of address, but assumed the single occupancy would automatically continue.

Which it didnt. And now ive realized the council say to write them an email and they'll pass judgement on whether to pay me back or not the full term. But said it was unlikely.

How best to word this ? I sort of feel that at the point of contact i was asked of changed details, which was my address....

Any solicitors give me a hint or two


TheFairyBlackstick Sat 30-May-15 17:27:44

This may help. I'm not a lawyer, but my DH, who is, represented the appellant as a favour to a friend and won the appeal after the Billing Authority had rejected the claim in the first instance.

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