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Divorce without an address

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BravingSpring Thu 28-May-15 11:22:30

I'm hoping to start divorce proceeding soon - once pension information is received - however, I don't have an address for my ex.

He's living with his ow, but is still having his post delivered here and won't take his personal possessions (he's only taken a few clothes and a few bits so far), this leads me to suspect she's still claiming benefits as a single parent and he's not supposed to be living there.

So, do I just get my solicitor to send his paperwork, letters etc. here or will he need to provide his actual address? Having post delivered here is going to add delays and I also don't really want him opening divorce papers here.

I've told the local council he's moved out to get the single adult discount on the council tax and I've also told HMRC in case the rules change on child benefit, is there anything else I can/should do?

I'm not claiming any benefits, just the council tax reduction and child benefit, but I am concerned him still using this address might cause a problem for me, although I'm sure the neighbours would confirm he's not living here.

MaitlandGirl Thu 28-May-15 11:30:34

I got my ex served at work - is that an option for you?

BravingSpring Thu 28-May-15 11:48:46

It's not ideal as he's a shift worker so sometimes not at work for several days, but it's possibly preferable to paperwork coming here, I'm not sure he'll agree to it though as that is effectively an admission that he doesn't live here.

BravingSpring Thu 28-May-15 11:52:25

Will a judge accept a work address?

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