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Nightmare Neighbours!

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mrsm22 Sat 23-May-15 22:28:02


I wonder if anyone can offer some advice on this untenable situation that I find myself in. I will try to explain the situation in full but without taking too long!
I am married with young children and we have owned our house for a long time and have always been happy where we live, usually a quiet street where most people say hello but keep themselves to themselves. Never had any problem neighbours, until a few years ago. The house nextdoor is owned by a landlord and he rents the house out. Tenants have come and gone and never been any issues until a few years ago when a family moved in and are just a total nightmare to the point we want to move! They are a family same as us but are extremely ignorant of everyone else in the street. He has some very unpleasant friends who come round daily in cars, driving in the street at nearly 100 miles an hour and they constantly block us in and park their cars behind us or in front of our house or garage. We often have to wait ten mins for them to move for us to get our car out. We have even heard his friends say that we can f**king wait! To top it off, the guy who lives next door is a mechanic and recently must have lost his job so has seemingly set up from home (works outside his house in the street and gets cash from people) and he's running a huge business from home by the looks and obviously paying no tax etc. a The street for parking is a nightmare. They are rude beyond belief. They have their kids out on a night until all hours making noise and keeping mine awake etc. They drink outside all night on a weekend with their unpleasant friends and are unapproachable.
It's like they moved in and have taken over the street. I want to report him for working from home but my husband says they will know it's us and will make life unbearable.
Any advice appreciated!

NoLuckThisTime Sat 23-May-15 22:34:01

I know nothing about the business from home but re: the cars driving fast and blocking up people's drives etc is anti-social and I would look up your local Neighbourhood policing team as they can keep an eye on things. They're quite good at being subtle about it too.

ElsieMc Sun 24-May-15 13:08:14

You must speak to the Landlord asap. It does seem you have let matters go on for far too long to keep the peace. This is anti-social behaviour at it's worst. You moved into a residential street, but the family are changing this into an industrialised area and you have ended up living next door to a busy car repair business, which is noisy and anti-social. This is without the added misery of late night noise, aggressive mates, dangerous driving and on street drinking.

You will need to keep the pressure up on the landlord and you also must go to the Council regarding the business side of things together with environmental health. You need to keep a log or better still, capture some of the work/behaviour on camera.

Whilst it is likely suspicion will fall upon you, it sounds as though they have not made any friends on the street and therefore it could be anyone.

Why should you have to move. Contact the landlord and set the ball rolling.

frogsfromrumrah Mon 25-May-15 21:31:25

Start keeping a diary of issues/ events and contact the Landlord to discuss, try landRegistry if you don't know their details. running a business from the address may breach the tenancy conditions as well as the planning consent, which will be enough for the Landlord to consider options. Yes the neighbours will probably figure it's you but stay polite and keep your head and wits. Covert CCTV might be an option to cover your property until things settle but get advice to ensure the coverage and data management is ico compliant or you may as well not bother. Best regards.

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