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How to respond to a fabricated non molestation order

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barnthebarn Thu 21-May-15 13:36:38

I have had two harassment notices issued to former partner in the past 4 years. I have made no attempt to contact her or see her in that time. Because of the severity of her actions I did (perhaps foolishly) write a blog entry leaving her anonymous but detailing this journey.

Here is a selection of what I have endured:

- False allegation of rape (easily proven untrue by Thames Valley Police to the extent that she was due to be arrested and charged with making a false allegation and wasting police time - Warwickshire police failed to do this). The allegation was played out on Twitter for several weeks eventually leading to me being investigated. She claimed the alleged assault occurred on the evening I kicked her out of my flat. At the time of alleged assault I was on phone with my sister. She (unbeknownst to me) called police and they did a BASE questionnaire with her in the car park. She answered "No" to any questions involving me abusing her.

- Telling hundreds of people that I am a rapist, including my employers

- Searching for and encouraging people to beat me up/kill me

- Snooping around my home, my current partner and me were forced to move for our own safety

- Turning up at my workplace

- Telephoning my workplace regularly

- Emailing my sister and brother

- Emailing me including masturbation pornography of herself

- Leaving hysterical messages on my sister's phone

- Creating fake profiles of my on dating websites

- Telling hundreds of people that I am a child abuser.

This list shows the danger she is putting me in and the fear I live by every day.

We also believe - but have been unable to prove that she is responsible for:

- Last year I was abducted, stripped naked and dumped in a country lane

- Setting up a Facebook profile and using it to attempt to talk to people under 18

A kind member here phrased what I need as follows: Any legal out there with advice to next steps needed regarding receiving a malicious/fabricated non mol order and how the OP can defend himself against further harrassment/future unfounded allegations/accusations (other than log, report, defend).
Does applying for a non mol order break the OP's harrassment orders?

Collaborate Thu 21-May-15 15:10:17

Your orders remain intact (unless they have expired through time).

You need to meet this head on. Gather together all of the paperwork that disproves her allegations and all of the paperwork for your own injunctions.

The court can order that the police divulge all paperwork in their possession. Get all the crime reference numbers, and all that paperwork will go before the judge.

The initial hearing is one at which the judge can be invited to make directions (including police disclosure and any further statements). I suggest you submit a short statement of evidence, say a more detailed on will follow, and attend the hearing. Get representation if you can. Don't be bounced into agreeing an order against you or promising not to go anywhere near you. If you haven't been in contact with her for a long time she has no grounds to get an injunction.

This sounds like her continuing to harass you.

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