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Childs father taking advantage of the CSA system

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Workmum85 Mon 11-May-15 19:48:05

Hi all

I am new to mumsnet but I really need a bit of advice/opinion. I have a 9 year old boy with my ex partner, this man is also father to a5 year old by another women he is no longer with and is now living with another women who has 3 kids and he has got her pregnant after they have been together for less than a year.

Just to put you in the picture with things, I have been receiving money from him from the CSA which comes direct from his work because he stopped paying the CSA himself in January. Previous to this he was paying me an agreed among every month but I found out he was paying his a considerable amount more towards his other son I went to the CSA because I was so angry he valued his other child more.

Today I have had a call from the CSA to say that I will now be receiving a lot less money because he has to pay for his new partners kids. Bearing in mind she receives money from her ex husband towards her children and they both work, I am so furious that he seems to want to do anything he can to make sure he pays as little as possible for his children. He also won't pay for school uniform and trips etc because he says the money he pays covers all that.

Is the anything I can do to appeal all of this? Any advice or help would be greatfully received.

I could go into the countless other things he has done to make him a disgraceful dad but I won't do that on here.

Thanks in advance to everybody x

prh47bridge Mon 11-May-15 22:27:24

If he is living with his new partner his payments to you will be reduced due to the fact he has to support her 3 children. The fact she receives payments from her ex husband is irrelevant. If you are on the CSA scheme and he is paying the basic rate this will reduce his payments by 25%.

I'm afraid he is right that he doesn't have to contribute to school uniform and trips. His maintenance payments are indeed supposed to cover all of that. Perhaps he should be more generous but he doesn't have to provide any more.

If he chooses to pay more than the CSA rate for his other son that is his choice. You cannot force him to do the same for you.

Based on what you have posted I don't see any grounds for appeal.

ScrambedEggAndToast Mon 11-May-15 22:46:28

Sadly, I agree with what the previous poster said. I don't think you have any grounds for appeal. I know exactly how annoying and frustrating it is as my situation is very similar, even down to my ex living with a woman who has three kids and they have a bio one. He won't pay a penny and doesn't care. The CSA do their best but as the PWCs, we are left to foot the bill everyday for the children while feckless fathers like that abdicate all responsibility.

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