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Maintenance orders

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lolo99 Sat 09-May-15 17:04:19

Dear font of knowledge mums- has anyone been to court re: maintenance from your ex. I have been going through REMO and an order been made for a very low amount from my ex in Singapore. From the statements I can see he has blatantly lied in 90% of the statements under oath. I am appealing it for purgury and the amount awarded to my son being 4.99% of his earnings annually a year. No other dependents, no was allowed to take off money for restaurants, clothing, gym - all sorts. Any views?

Uhu50 Fri 14-Aug-15 20:57:18

I wonder if your ex is self-employed or runs a company?
I think this makes everything significantly harder and don't think REMO is able or inclined to challenge misinformation. I am also trying to get some progress after zero payments for kids since December 2014. However, as with the divorce itself, his being self-employed is a real problem, as he can write off all sorts of things, and has paid himself via a company he set up in Britain, supposedly through a "branch office" in our former home in Austria, while also officially claiming that he lives in Germany and having a fake residential address at a post box in the UK which enabled him to get a UK residents bank account. He was earning at least 150K when we divorced, yet he declared he was earning below the tax threshold, was ordered to pay far more than he was offering, and although he miraculously paid that for a while, he now pays nothing at all, at which point I was advised by a solicitor in the UK to get the REMO unit involved. This cost me about 1000 pounds which I could ill afford to use, and REMO have made a total mess of things, mistranslating documents, misunderstanding and mislaying others. If I were not a translator myself, I would not have had a clue why things were so held up. They seem to be completely unaccountable.
I now ask to see all original documents, and provide translations where I can. It takes hours of my time, but at least I have a clearer picture now of what the delays are about. I have to say that the Austrians, although pedantic, do reply within 10 days. REMO and the family court however, reply weeks later, usually ONLY after I have rung to see about progress. It is enough to drive anyone insane. I have to ration my time and energy for this, as it leaves me exhausted and frustrated, and I have a huge job earning enough to keep afloat as it is. Meanwhile, he is running a classic car owners Facebook page, and working when he wants to, while renting out our former home at a profit, while I bust a gut to support 2 kids, 1 of whom is going through college. I am really ready to get You and Yours or something like this involved. REMO is just not fit for purpose.
Sorry for the negative message :-((

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