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Applying for probate- all executors of just one?

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Draylon Fri 13-Feb-15 12:02:23

I am about to apply for probate as an executor of a parent's Will. DB and I are both executors. In the application form question A6 the guidance notes says this, Section A/A6/C i.e. 'The executor does not wish to apply for probate now but wishes to reserve the right to act as executor in future if necessary'

Am I right in saying that I alone, with DB's verbal permission, can apply alone for probate so as not to get everything dual signed, and if I do, do I put his name here or can I, alone, apply for probate with no mention of him at all at this stage?

I guess I am asking if a single executor can apply for probate or whether we both have to? And if I need to tell them that DB wants to leave this bit to me alone?


Draylon Fri 13-Feb-15 12:05:00

Sorry, meant to say, I see it says 'All executors must be accounted for' so he either renounces his executor duty or his name does go here, yes? And I can apply alone?

Draylon Fri 13-Feb-15 12:56:34

Oops!I now see the information didn't load in my browser- the answers are actually all there!

JillyR2015 Sun 15-Feb-15 11:57:05

My siblings and I (three of us) were my father's executors. They were happy for me to do it as we agreed on everything and I kept them informed by email. So it was your first suggestion. Obviously when instead people don't trust each other you might not want to do that.

poshfrock Mon 16-Feb-15 09:18:26

Your siblings have 2 options. They can either renounce which will require a deed of renunciation each to be submitted with the application for the grant. Once they have renounced they can never be appointed to act. Or they can have power reserved which means they're not acting now but reserve the right to do so in the future if circumstances dictate eg if you were to die before the estate administration were completed. In that situation they would then need to apply for a fresh grant in their own name (s).

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