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Review of building firm - does this sound ok?

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mindthegap79 Thu 12-Feb-15 22:54:20

I need some advice please. After months of wrangling with a building company we've finally settled. It's been a complete nightmare and I want to post some reviews online. I've drafted a review and would be so grateful for any comments! I've tried to be very objective. Thanks in advance!

X Builders quoted a competitive price for the kitchen conversion and new bathroom we had planned. The quote was in line with the ones we received from other builders.Once the work began, promised timescales were not adhered to - when we should have been 2 weeks from the end of the job, barely 20% of the work had begun.

X Builders employed various subcontractors who they had never used before. These people were not given direction from x Builders' project manager and she left them to work largely unsupervised.Much of the work carried out was substandard and/or unfit for purpose, e.g. shower drainage running uphill and a roof built at an 8 degree pitch when a minimum 10 degree pitch was needed. Faults were identified by us, the clients, rather than by x Builders.

X Builders disputed much of what we identified, despite our assessment being corroborated by Building Control and an independent surveyor.

X Builders issued an invoice for the first payment which did not reflect the quotation we had agreed, and was in fact around 30% higher for works completed. It also included items which had not been done yet, and costs for materials which were not on site. This was despite the slow progress and the problems with the work which we had identified. The price increase did not reflect client driven changes, but included things which x Builders had omitted from the original quote, such as electrical work.

X Builders refused to resume work until we had paid this inflated invoice, so the works ground to a halt.

It was a nightmare. They took our kitchen and bathroom out at the start of November 2014. It's now mid February 2015 and we still have no kitchen or bathroom. They refused to accept our termination of the contract and claimed we were not entitled to continue works with a new contractor. We haven't even got a hob, because the temporary installation done by x Builders or one of their subcontractors has been condemned by Gas Safe. We've got a young baby - this is not how we imagined her first few months and it has had a huge effect on our family.

They smoked constantly. Our garden is full of cigarette butts and other rubbish that they left, including take away packaging and rubble.

X Builders have never apologised. We have finally reached a settlement with them, although we would have willingly gone to court had they not at last agreed.

They are based in Builth Wells, but were willing to travel to our home in Bristol. Since finding a new, local builder, we have realised that really good builders do not need to travel.

Avoid, avoid, avoid.

JillyR2015 Fri 13-Feb-15 11:31:07

If it's true it's not defamation so go ahead. It looks like you paid them nothing so have nothing to recover except perhaps damages for all the hassle of course. They might want to settle with you including on the basis of no publicity about them so keeping the review up your sleeve whilst you negotiate with them might be possible.

Makes me very glad in 20 years never having had building works actually even if we've always lived with someone else's taste and old stuff.

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