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Share of equity affected by original sum provided?

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anchovytoast Wed 04-Feb-15 18:26:36

My wife and I are separated and in the course of divorcing. We're using mediation and it's all generally straightforward and harmonious.

One minor (I hope!) thing is with regard to dividing the equity released from the forthcoming sale of our house. Our children divide their time equally between us and my assumption has been that it would be a 50-50 split of the proceeds from the sale. However, my wife has raised the fact that when we bought 15 years ago she provided a little more capital than I did. From my memory it was a very minor difference - perhaps £1k to £2k (and not sure what means we have to establish definitively what it was). But should it matter anyway? My salary was always higher than my wife's so through the course of our joint home ownership I've contributed more financially that way. And in the year since we stopped living together I've stayed in the family home and continued to pay the mortgage and other house-related costs on my own (considerably more each month than my wife pays in rent).

So, in that context, does she have any right to suggest that the relative sums we put into the house at the outset should be taken into account at all? And if it should be, then can I offset it against the ways in which I have made a greater financial contribution?

Really grateful for any informed views!

prh47bridge Wed 04-Feb-15 21:59:24

In the circumstances you describe the difference in contributions will not have any effect on the outcome should this end up in court. She has every right to suggest it but no right to insist on it.

anchovytoast Wed 04-Feb-15 22:53:23

Thanks. I think neither of us wants this to be anywhere near a court. Perhaps then my question becomes more an ethical one than a legal one. Does it seem reasonable for a small difference in contribution of capital to be taken into account, when I've contributed more financially overall. Our financial circumstances are more or less the same now, and we both have equal need of funds to buy a house.

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