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Resolution solicitors - any stories?

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freedomspeaks Fri 30-Jan-15 09:42:08

hello all. I'm interested in hearing any stories about "Resolution" accredited family lawyers. Good or bad. But especially bad! I have a growing suspicion that they are not always as "constructive" and "non confrontational" as they Code of Practice suggests, leading to a lot of heartache and wasted money which should go to the mums and children. Any stories? Sx

babybarrister Fri 30-Jan-15 09:53:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TolstoyAteMyHamster Fri 30-Jan-15 09:56:42

In my (admittedly limited) experience, having a solicitor who was a member, and my ex also having one, did seem to help calm a potentially toxic situation. I don't know if they were both just sensible and pragmatic people or if it was because of Resolution but they both kept us focused on what was best for the children and away from court. Five years on and I'm delighted we did as we are on better terms than I could ever have hoped.

ElsieMc Fri 30-Jan-15 13:24:33

We used a resolution accredited firm of solicitors. It really meant nothing because the partner we used promised the earth and delivered nothing. He was all tough fighting words, but no action. A dead give away and mistake on our part was the fact that he slagged off any other solicitors involved in the case, using bad language to do so. I think he thought it gave him some street cred, but in reality he was a total tosser.

Years later I see people taken in by his fighting talk and yes, he still talks the talk, but unfortunately you have to remember you are charged an extortionate hourly rate to listen to it.

We ended up using a solicitor from out of the area who, whilst I would not describe as great, got our case and was a calming and pleasant influence during a difficult, sensitive time. I would also add, that when employing the first solicitor, I had to draft my own statements whereas the out of town lawyer grasped the case straightaway and this alone reduced stress.

I required assistance from our MP during the case and saw his assistant whose immediate grasp of our family case was far superior to that of the first solicitor.

So, you have got a good vote and a bad one. Go with your instincts.

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