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Employment Law Query - Disclosing MH issue at work

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UptownFunky Wed 28-Jan-15 16:43:54

I really need advice. I recently disclosed to my employer that I have a MH condition. I disclosed it because the medication I take to manage it hasn't really been as effective recently, and some symptoms of the condition have emerged that have affected my performance at work.

My manager had spoken to me about my performance not being what it was, but I've got a lot of personal issues going on at home and he assumed that was the reason for the change. By disclosing this MH issue, and telling him that I'm addressing it, I hoped he'd see this as a good thing, and realise that things can and will resolve themselves. Instead he appears to be trying to get rid of me from the business. What should I do?

cheerup Wed 28-Jan-15 21:45:13

Discriminating against you on the grounds of disability - MH or physical - is contrary to the Equality Act. What makes you feel that he is trying to get rid of you?

UptownFunky Wed 28-Jan-15 22:17:52

Because he has suggested the condition could "expose the business to risk", even though I've had it all the time I've worked there and has only recently given me any problems, and should be gone within a month at most.

cheerup Thu 29-Jan-15 09:01:08

Apart from saying that which is unpleasant and highly unlikely to be true, has he said he is going to take any kind of action? For example, has he threatened to dismiss, sanction or penalise you in anyway since your disclosure?

UptownFunky Mon 02-Feb-15 22:45:18

No, but I've been put on extended leave, with no date set to return. Boss wants to write to my GP.

atticusclaw Mon 02-Feb-15 22:48:10

Does your MH issue impact on the role. For example do you work with children and could it present a safeguarding issue?

UptownFunky Wed 11-Feb-15 17:13:26

No, the condition has no impact on the role I have. I've done the job for a few years now without incident.

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