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Anglian window issue

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no73 Wed 28-Jan-15 10:17:43

I have a big mould/ingress issue in one window of my house and the building insurance surveyor states it is to do with how Anglian have fitted the window. I have just had a manager from Anglian round and form his general attitude it seems that they will clearly try and say it is not an issue caused by them.

Now my nan lived in this house before me and there was never a problem until the windows were changed. I unfortunately did not know about it for quite some time as it was my lodgers room and she just didn't pay any attention to it. I just happened to notice it when chatting to her when she was in her bedroom. Anyway last summer we had someone do a spot of touch up to the rendering hoping that would solve the problem but it hasn't and the insurance man said it is likely to be due to the lintel either be broken, knocked out of place or not put in when they changed the windows.

I have building insurance that has legal cover with it now if Anglian refuse to do anything about this issue or admit its to do with them can I use this legal cover to argue the case with them??

Collaborate Wed 28-Jan-15 11:05:44

Won't you have to put this question to the insurance company, and check the wording of your policy?

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