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Children's Services - Complaint / Incorrect Report.

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namechangedappreciateadvice Fri 23-Jan-15 00:29:30

I have recently received the Section 7 report Children's Services did as requested by the Judge at the recent Court Hearing we had regarding residency.

I am absolutely appalled. I have never dealt with Children's Services before, the children are resident with me and are normal happy healthy children, average parents, clean tidy house etc. The report summary states we (my ex and I) are both equally capable parents and states they recommend equal shared residency. Quite how I am deemed a capable parent after her watching me for 30 mins only most of the time I was holding a screaming grumpy teething baby I don't know but hey...

HOWEVER, the whole report is completely in my ex's favour to the point that it is very unprofessional in parts. Some factual inaccuracies about dates and details, I suspect due to the fact the Social Worker only me me once for 30 minutes for my "parenting assessment". Just some examples:

-The Social Worker asked me questions and then presented my answers in the report without the question, taking them out of context and it makes me sound awful. For example, she asked me if I felt I had more control over the children than my ex with regards to residency. I said no, not really, there's a Court Order in place which is followed. The report states I said that I have no control over the children and that the Social Worker feels this comment shows my desire to control the children's relationship with my ex...

-A student (so, unqualified) Social Worker did the kid's wishes and feelings and has come to the conclusion that I may have been "coaching" the children, but that it's just a general feeling she got, not anything the kids said. The social worker who did the report said she agrees with her (she has NEVER spoken with the children herself) and has come to this conclusion by discussing it with the student.

-My ex accused me of having severe mental health issues. My ex has a long and well documented history of mental health issues, suicide attempts (with the kids present!) counseling, specialist psychiatric help etc. They requested permission for medical record disclosure. I gave permission and the report states my records were received but doesn't state that they show I have no mental health issues and that my ex's allegations were untrue. My ex refused permission for disclosure (due to what it would definitely show up no doubt) but this is not written in the report.

- The report states that I "allege" that the children had a medical problem (won't say as it will out me) which needed to be seen y a GP but my ex didn't go and left them for 5 days in pain. I took them and it was all documented. I told the Social Worker that she could check their medical records to have this confirmed. The report states "it is alleged but unconfirmed" and she said she didn't have time to check their medical records.

I never once thought a Social Worker's report could read like this. It's just so personal and emotional and reads very unprofessionally. I want at least the factual inaccuracies changed. I would like the other bits mentioned above, to be amended if possible.

Any ideas of how I do this, if I even can?

freemanbatch Fri 23-Jan-15 10:23:13

Sadly I'm told that there's very little that can be done outside of the court room about these things.

I've had three reports done in the last 8 months that have totally ignored the professional welfare information about the children, denied the existence of evidence of the high level DV and child abuse that the police investigated but cps couldn't charge, and have stated all kinds of rubbish that the ex and his family have said about me as fact without any evidence.

Ask the judge for a contested hearing, that is all you can do I'm told.

It's a scary system at times and some professionals seem to forget that there are real human children stuck in the middle!

NeedsAsockamnesty Sat 24-Jan-15 21:05:37

You can also write to correct any misunderstandings and inaccurate things. It will not often result in the report changing but shoukd be attached alongside the report in the file obviously you make sure the court also gets it. You could obtain written evidence from the children's GP confirming the referred to event,and from your own GP confirming no dx of the issues your ex has alleged.

If possible ask them to confirm in writing they did not check the children's records.

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