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Non Poach Agreement...?

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excitedmamma Thu 22-Jan-15 14:38:32

Hi.. first time poster in legal here...

I need a contract between myself and a competitor so that I can assure them that if I do any work for them.. I won't attempt to pinch their client - either at the time of work, nor later on.

I've googled it and come up with a suggestion for a Non Poaching Agreement... any legal experts on here that could give me some advice... its a really small business and I'm trying to save money and do this myself smile


FlowerFairy2014 Fri 23-Jan-15 13:35:39

Usually they will have a service contract with you which says what you will be paid, when you will deliver, what work you will be doing and then they add one clause or a sentence in there which says you will not solicit their staff. I don't want to spend the time drafting it here but it needs to be reasonable eg just the customers you come into contact with and just in the area where you operate because if it's too broad or lasts too long it is invalid which is more a problem for them than you. If they have nothing in writing about the work you will do for them I would draw up at the least an email or one page you both sign covering that and who owns any copyright in works you produce - if you will produce and if it all goes wrong limiting your liability.

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