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Fathers name on birth certificate

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TinyPawz Wed 21-Jan-15 06:42:05

I've been separated from husband for 8 years and am now pregnant by another man. This man does not want anything to do with baby so I want to leave his name of birth certificate.

My question is, is that possible to have father unknown or will husband name be listed as default because we are still married?

sandgrown Wed 21-Jan-15 06:46:50

As far as I know if you are married you can put DHname on without him being there but if not married he has to be there to sign the birth cert. I do not think DH would automatically go on there. Check with registrar.

GingerCuddleMonster Sat 24-Jan-15 01:11:08

hey, similar situation to me with DS.

No your husband's name will not automatically go on the birth certificate. The biological fathers should in all cases fir record keeping/family history, but you don't have to put any name down as father. it can just be unknown.

StillWorried2014 Sun 08-Feb-15 23:26:35

Don't put the biological father on the birth certificate unless you want him to have full parental rights and responsibilities and all that entails. Just leave it blank, it's fine. It doesn't say 'unknown' it's just blank.

Collaborate Mon 09-Feb-15 10:08:25

A mother can't name the unmarried father on the birth certificate without him either being present or there being some documentary evidence of his paternity (court order or statutory declaration - see

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