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car warranty

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ddubsgirl77 Thu 15-Jan-15 20:56:48

We have AA 5 star warranty last summer our smax had a leak so aa told us to take it to halfords autocenter and had water pump replaced , now few days before xmas oil sprayed all over the engine the car was usless, called aa told us to take to halfords so had it towed they 'couldnt' clean the engine so refused to fix it so had to pay out to have it towed somewhere else but they were closing over the xmas period so finially open up again and they find seal on crank shaft had gone & diesel pump seal AA refuse to pay as its a leak but the garage discovered the water pump hadnt been fitted nor had they replaced the seals which has lead to this damage £626 its costing but i want to know if i can claim on the warranty as it was them that told uus to use halfords and due to them screwing up the pump has caused more damage.

Collaborate Fri 16-Jan-15 07:35:51

Full stops are your friend.

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