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Ex partner trying to force sale of home

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PeggysueAZaz09 Wed 14-Jan-15 17:40:53

Any advice appreciated please: I split with my ex nearly 4years ago we was not married but did have three children together.

The property was initially mine I bought it in 2000 but remortgaged it and I had to sign a form to remortgage to say I had gifted any equity. However we split up and I have maintained the mortgage and secured loan on the house which the money went into a joint business which he also has kept the business as I could not afford the civil litigation fees to fight for it.

He has started sending valuers and attempting to force me to sell, I have tried to get the mortgage in my name alone but due to the debt he has left me in I am unable to do so at present.

Firstly is there anything I can do to stop this ? And prevent the valuer visits and anything I can do with courts under the children's act ? It's terrible as the house was mine and bad advice then ensured I gifted all my equity.

I could afford to get the mortgage in my name if I cleared some of the debt he left me in but have not got enough income to cover paying off the secured loan too, everything is in joint names , he said he would rather I lost the house than pay anything towards the joint debt.

My partner has recently moved in with me and we now have 4 children in the house , and we did plan to marry but I'm worried this may change everything.

I will try the mortgage route again but I fear that would be another no ! How do I secure my initial rights of owning the house and keeping my children in the only home they have ever known ?

I cannot afford further solicitors fees so would be doing anything I can on my own.

Thank you in advance x

Rangirl Wed 14-Jan-15 23:05:54

It doesn't matter whose name the mortgage is in the key is whose name the house is in Did you transfer the house into joint names when you remortgaged?

PeggysueAZaz09 Thu 15-Jan-15 09:26:24

I don't know I presume so but I will check

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