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Neighbour harrasment advice private tenant

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Alwaysforever2009 Wed 14-Jan-15 00:29:26

Currently renting a property for 1.5 years need some advice
We feel we have been constantly harrassed by our neighbour in regards to maintainence to her property that she feels had to be carried out from our side ( please note these are not building or structure works just maintainence like cleaning gutters ect.
It got so out of hand by the amount of times that these thing were being carried out and that I had to deal with the aftermath of it ie clearing up mess and having to deal with trying to get a pram out the front door in the morn school runs with a man up ladder directly in front of the door for 6 months solid .
I had to ask her if we could just leave any work that has to be carried out from our side for a while as it was getting to me abit and I just want a bit of peace
She said fine . All was good for about 1 week I then receive a call from the estate agents telling me she's called them to get her gutters cleaned againasking their permission to go ahead . Basically ignoring the fact that I've asked her to stop for a while she thought she would then try and go above me but not realising they have to ask our permission . Made estate agents aware of situation they said that's ok they will tell her we won't some privacy and peace . She then rings again the following week for the same thing . And written a letter to landlord asking permission so going above us again .
I have said it's not a problem if it's once a month or if it's a big job a few days to get it done just not every week .i
Our landlord had to come round to find out what was going on because she was pestering them so much about it .
Alls been quiet for a while since the landlord got involved but she has started writing complaint letters

She is now finding anything possible to complain about to the estate agents about us to get us in to troubles we feel we can't the children even play in the garden as she has complained about them playing ball near her fence
We are being watched constantly even when we go out driving down the road we are being watched as I've seen her doing it
All because she is not getting her own way anymore and we put our foot down .
we are not being left to have peaceful enjoyment of the house from all the letters from her andconstant phone calls from the estate agents about her
Any advice would be appreciated

NurseDoctor Wed 14-Jan-15 00:47:08

Goodness she sounds like a complete nightmare.
Unfortunately I think neighbours can be luck of the draw wherever you go. Does your landlord understand how crackers she is? Have they ever lived in the property so may have experienced it themselves?
When it comes to complaint letters I say let her get on with it, let her waste her time. At the end of the day you are a private tenant and as long as you aren't damaging their property I doubt any landlord is going to have an issue with you, it must be pretty obvious it's her that is the issue so they would gain no benefit from letting to someone else instead. What kinds of things is it she needs done to the property? Are you in a flat?

Alwaysforever2009 Wed 14-Jan-15 09:34:50

We are in a house that front door faces the side of her house both houses have a walk way down the side but ours is slightly bigger . This us why when she wants the guttering cleaned she wants to use our side.
Her guttering is so clean you could eat your dinner off it it's just an obsession she has to keep having it looked at but the downside is it's affecting our life by her doing it . I asked her why she has had the guttering done some much and she totally denied she does saying it's only once a year which is untrue it's actually 3 times in the space of 3 months I know as I have had to deal with it .
There is so much more to this I could add that's gone on but I just want to know if there is anything we can do as the complaints are so frequent now .
I'm worrying the agents and landlord are going o think we a problem tenants which we are not . We keep our self to ourself do not acknowledge her or speak to her . We have had 2 confrontations with her in the past as we had had enough of it so much no one was telling her to leave us alone so we felt we had to the first time was a year ago and one recently so are not harassing her in anyway at all .

specialsubject Wed 14-Jan-15 10:44:26

why should the landlord think you are a problem tenant?

your position is the same as if you owned the house; neighbour harrassment is a matter for the council. Your landlord is bound to give you 'quiet enjoyment' but sadly your neighbours are not.

have a chat with your landlord - he/she will want to sort this out as they will be concerned that you'll get fed up and give notice, and then word may get around and it will be difficult to find a new tenant. Team up to get in touch with the council, or possibly even the police. The agents should certainly make it clear that they are not interested in her complaints; they work for your landlord so get him to deal with that.

NurseDoctor Wed 14-Jan-15 16:38:54

Does she have family visiting often? Is she elderly? I only ask because you say she is insisting the gutters are only cleaned annually, and she seems rather obsessed with getting things done, I wonder if she is ok.
If not, and she is just being annoying, then perhaps be honest. Say it's too much at the moment and you shouldn't have to deal with the noise and nuisance when it isn't necessary. Tell your landlord what has been happening and if she continues to harass you report her to the council and police. There isn't much she can do if you refuse to let her use your side of the drive way.

Alwaysforever2009 Thu 15-Jan-15 12:37:36

She's not what I call elderly but she is retired she doesn't have family visiting often but she visits them by car everyday so she's not a lonely person and mobile .
I have already been honest with her and told her no this is why the complaint started and she has tried to go over our heads . I did say to her about calling the agents that they have to ask us anyways for permission and that we have as much rights as a homeowner which she replied no you haven't and I'm going to call the agents about it sad

At the moment I feel the agents are listening to everything she is saying and not sticking up for us ..I know a letter has been written to the landlord about all the complaints and claims she is making about us I'm just waiting to hear if he wants to come and speak to us I'm too worried to call as I really didn't want to get him involved I feel like I'm wasting his time and feel like because we are tenants no one is going to believe or care what we say .
This is making me feel so anxious I'm not going out as much as I used to as I feel like I'm under surveillance 24hrs a day with her watching everything I do waiting to see something to complain about it's got so bad that when I do go out I feel the anxiety coming over me because I have got in my head she's in the shop watching me or in the town somewhere sad

MrsSquirrel Thu 15-Jan-15 13:27:12

The agents aren't necessarily going to stick up for you, they work for the landlord and will do what he instructs them to do.

It's not you who is wasting the landlord's time, it is the bonkers neighbour. She is the one who has got him involved by writing to him. You have not done anything wrong.

If you are a good tenant who pays the rent on time and takes care of the property, you are an asset to the landlord.

MonstrousRatbag Thu 15-Jan-15 13:40:56

First of all, write down everything that has happened in a kind of list form with the date, as closely as you can remember it. Keep it short and factual, e.g. "Sat 14 Nov: allowed access for 2 hours for gutters to be cleaned. Dirt from gutters dropped onto walk way and left by contractor, required cleaning. Sat 21 Nov: neighbour called seeking permission for contractor access for..."

From now on write down what happens (and constantly watching you in your garden or entering and leaving your house counts as something happening).

You have a choice: contact the landlord giving a summary of what is going on and saying you do allow reasonable access but the neighbour is not being reasonable, or watch and wait, i.e. leave it unless you get some communication from the agent and the landlord that you have to answer.

You can always go to the police to complain she is harassing you. It may not be at a stage yet where you want to do that, but bear it in mind. If your neighbour starts to abuse you or interfere with your property, do it immediately. The fact that she is obsessive about getting the guttering done and refuses to admit it has been done recently is not a good sign, to be honest. Sounds very odd.

And finally, even when you do allow access you retain the right to have a say over how that access is used. Don't let any contractor get away with leaving a mess or being inconsiderate and blocking your door. If they don't comply with your requests, tell them to leave.

The fact that you are tenants not owners does not mean you don't have the right to control your environment: you do.

NurseDoctor Thu 15-Jan-15 14:28:51

Agree completely with MonstrousRatbag writing things down and keeping a log of what she is doing is a great way to gather evidence if things do escalate. The issue is with her not you and therefore anyone who rents the property will have the same issues, the landlord would gain nothing from asking you to leave. Hope it all works out ok

Alwaysforever2009 Thu 15-Jan-15 18:42:25

Thank you for your advice it's helped me feel abit better .
I will do that tonight luckily I have a list still for up to the 6 months when we first moved in of all the things she had done and how many times . I will type it all up onto my ipad tonight so i can add to it when needed .
I have spoken to landlord and he has assured me he is behind us we will not have to move out we are just to just ignore her
I feel very relieved now smile
Thank you

MonstrousRatbag Fri 16-Jan-15 12:54:09

I'm glad you feel better, and that your landlord is sensible and nice.

ContentedSidewinder Sun 18-Jan-15 09:08:49

The diary bit will also be useful to be able to quote to your neighbour, when she says she wants the gutters cleaned again you can check and say but you only had them cleaned x months ago <head tilt>

Re the children playing in the garden, she will complain whatever you do so just let them out and ignore her. She clearly likes drama and interaction with you.

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