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Completed on house but outstanding issue has arised - any conveyancers out there?

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NibongGirl Mon 12-Jan-15 16:14:47


Any conveyancing legal eagles out there? Your advice would be soooo appreciated.

Before completing on a buy-to-let property recently, I raised a query about a gate lock that I wanted changing as I felt it was faulty but the vendor replied saying it would not be changed as it worked perfectly. I let it slide as I didn;t want to hold up the completion.

After completion, the vendor asked to stay on and rent from me for a month or two - so we signed a short-term tenancy contract and he became my tenant. Since then, I have visited the property and the gate lock is still jammed. I have had a handyman take it out and look at it and I have had to replace it as the mechanism was in fact jammed.

From your experience, would I be able to go back to the vendor ( who is now the tenant about it? ). He is moving out very soon and I was wondering whether I would have any grounds to deduct the fee of changing the lock from his deposit ? Or would I have any right to even ask him to share the cost of replacing the lock as he insisted it worked perfectly before completion?

Or as I now legally own the property and have only since completing had the chance to check the gate lock myself, do I have no right to go back to him at all?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Rangirl Mon 12-Jan-15 18:55:01

I am afraid in my opinion you have no claim against the Seller You certainly have no right to deduct it from the deposit Has the deposit been registered

NibongGirl Mon 12-Jan-15 19:07:49

Thanks Rangirl. I am new at this so I was not sure what was ok and not but I hoped someone could enlighten me! Thanks.

FlowerFairy2014 Mon 12-Jan-15 20:18:38

I am afraid I agree too.
Also I hope you signed an assured shorthold - I was a bit worried when you said he was staying on for a few weeks. If you don't get the paperwork right then tenants can get rights to stay longer.

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