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Property Law and Possession Orders

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dazedandconfusedagain Wed 31-Dec-14 22:07:13

I have been warded a Possession Order for the property my ex and I jointly own. It's being sold but he refuses to move out. The Possession Order states he must deliver up possession of the property to me next week.

If he doesn't - where do I stand legally? Given that after X date the property should be in my possession what can I do. I know I can instruct Court Bailiffs but it's a long wait and I want him out next week to progress the sale. Can I wait til he is out, go in and change the locks and tell him to come with a van and he can collect his stuff then?

I know if he were a tenant he has protection from unlawful eviction due to a tenancy agreement - what about a joint owner?

Thank you!

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