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What can I do to secure my belongings legally?

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bella1968 Wed 31-Dec-14 13:42:54

Please could you give me some advice, my solicitor is on holidays still and last week and this week my stbxh is looking after the children whilst on school holidays until they are back next Tueseday and Wednesday. He is not living at the jointly owned house just me and the children who are twins 11. He is sometimes out and sometimes he is at home with them.

He took the key to the back door and the nespresso machine and the blender yesterday and I've just found out that he's taken a couple of my cd's. I asked him about the back door key and he straight away said to our son have you got your ipod back now which seems to imply that he's taken these on purpose but said he hadn't. The key doesn't just fall out and the children say they haven't got it.

I know that I can't change the locks on the door as he owns the house too but can I put things in my room and put a lock on the door?

I think he's doing these things because he thinks that I'm keeping my son's ipod on purpose but my son isn't fussed and his dad is just stirring. I think he's trying to provoke me to make me do something nasty and so he can get me for it.

We have the child arrangements order first hearing on 21st January and I went back to court the other week to get another occupation order/non-molestation order which we will go back to court again after 30th January for a review hearing after obtaining police disclosure and stbxh's statement.

thanks, if you need anymore info please let me know.

Snappynewyear Thu 01-Jan-15 19:10:42

There won't be a problem with putting a lock on your bedroom door and keeping private things there.

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