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How do I end my tenancy agreement

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RandomMess Mon 22-Dec-14 20:05:56

We have a 6 month tenancy agreement, we do not wish to extend it. We cannot find anything in the tenancy agreement about what to do.

How can we cover our backs so that it ends?

It is an "Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement" with a term of six calendar months.

It doesn't say anything about either renewing or not renewing it at the end of the term?

FishWithABicycle Mon 22-Dec-14 20:10:34

An assured shorthold tenancy can't be any shorter than 6 months so you have nothing to lose by giving notice in writing immediately that you wish the tenancy to end on #date and will not be renewing.

justjuanmorebeer Mon 22-Dec-14 20:13:10

What date did you move in?

caroldecker Mon 22-Dec-14 20:20:10

I think technically, if you move out on the last day then you do not need to do anything. Generally though you should give 1 months notice and then move out.
If you stay over the 6 months, then it rolls into a monthly tneancy and you need to give 1 months notice of leaving.

RandomMess Mon 22-Dec-14 20:24:01

It will end on the 26th Feb (moved in 27th August - are my calculations correct?). It says about for the last 2 months of the tenancy letting viewings occur with 24 hours notice.

So you think if I email now, giving 2 months notice we will be covered?

Madlizzy Mon 22-Dec-14 20:34:27

You'd absolutely be covered. In fact, I'd give a month on the 26th of January.

caroldecker Mon 22-Dec-14 20:50:33

also, despite what the contract says, the LL cannot force you to have viewings. He has a right to access the property at 24 hours notice to inspect it or carry out repairs, but not for viewings.
It would be nice of you to agree to some though.

specialsubject Tue 23-Dec-14 11:06:19

assuming you are the tenant, and are in England/Wales...

you give one months' notice in writing, to expire on the date the rent is normally paid. That is writing - a letter, sent by recorded delivery, although an email copy won't hurt. You can send earlier if you like.

in it, tell the landlord you look forward to a date for checkout/inventory check, and remind him/her that deposit repayment is due 10 days after unless there are any disputes.

you could just leave at the end, but you need the above things to happen so make arrangements.

your landlord gives 2 months notice so even if they want you to leave, you might not have heard from them yet.

RandomMess Tue 23-Dec-14 16:04:38

Thank you very much, I shall ensure it is in writing etc.

If they dare try and withhold any of my deposit... the place was minging and filthy when we got the keys, has a damp problem they refuse to resolve but I wouldn't put anything past them. The agency are completely unprofessional but in this town the majority of renters are students or full housing benefit recipients and somehow they are used to getting away with treating all tenants like sh*t, makes me so upset and angry.

specialsubject Fri 26-Dec-14 19:51:30

yes, well, that is the unregulated lettings agent industry for you. Not good.

you do, I take it, have the prescribed information that shows that your deposit was protected in one of the 3 approved schemes within 30 days of the start of the tenancy BY THE LANDLORD? If not, you can sue for 3 times its value. The deposit protection scheme has been in place since 2007 to stop precisely the type of concern you raise and covers ALL tenants in England and Wales.

glad you are leaving, what a dump!

RandomMess Fri 26-Dec-14 20:32:25

Yes we did, thankfully. The inventory was a work fiction...

caroldecker Fri 26-Dec-14 20:53:21

Did you sign the inventory? If not, they do not have a leg to stand on withholding any deposit.

RandomMess Fri 26-Dec-14 20:58:50

Unfortunately we did with very many addendums on it and stating that there was so much inaccurate that we couldn't write all we need to on it.

I think there was only one room that was described as "good" that we agreed with!

Fortunately we can "afford" to lose the money but I'd rather not.

specialsubject Sat 27-Dec-14 11:13:42

hmm. I think you should take some advice about the inventory. It is the document that is used for evidence for deposit deductions. I take it there are no photos, hope they didn't fake those!

remember that your contract is with the LANDLORD, not the agency. Do you have his/her contact details?

RandomMess Sat 27-Dec-14 11:18:22

Yeah I have his details. I took loads of photos - there's are so rubbish you can't see anything tbh.

Downstairs WC, condition "good" - erm no cracked and leaking cistern...

The letting agency manage the property and they do the inventory and check-on/check out they are the most sloping shoulder people ever but they are all like that around here from what I've heard.

I am just so grateful that we're not renting long term - only 2 months to go!!!!

specialsubject Sat 27-Dec-14 13:06:40


does the landlord know about these problems? (Speaking from the other side where the agency didn't tell me that things needed fixing)

RandomMess Sat 27-Dec-14 20:16:57

Well apparently the damp issue hasn't been fixed because they need his permission to spend the ££££

TBH I don't know, I don't care, he didn't even ensure the property was cleaned before we moved in and offered us £50 towards us having to spend 3 days cleaning...

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