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Wedding photos not all received, advice please.

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Kaekae Sat 20-Dec-14 13:48:21

I got married abroad just over a month ago. We went via a wedding company and they worked alongside their chosen photographer. We went with this company because the photos on their website and Facebook page looked amazing. We'd stressed how important the photos were to us, (as they are to all couples) but since there were to be no guest we'd only have these photos to remember our day. We'd discussed what we'd like to capture. However, the photographer on the day wasn't so great and on more than one occasion we had to ask her to take photos as she seemed to just be standing around a lot and missing a lot of moments especially of my children. We literally only have about three photos of our kids.

When we got home we received the photos. Not great, lots of missed moments. Watching back our wedding video we knew there were a few nice photos she'd taken but hadn't sent. We were asked to comment of our overall experience via email which we did and we'd also mentioned we hadn't received the said photos. We received a really horrible email back, the wedding company had obviously taken offence and there was no mention of these photos.

So, two weeks ago I emailed the photographer directly I knew she'd seen the email but took a few days to respond, finally she told me she'd forwarded on my request to the wedding company. Fine I suppose she had to since it may have looked as if we were bypassing the wedding company. I have not heard from the wedding company in response to this enquiry and I just don't know what I should do. Should I leave it? Wait a a while then chase them? I feel very uncomfortable chasing the wedding company, they were so rude to us. I have checked our contract and there is very little in it regarding the photos. No mention that they will hold photos back.

I suppose I am looking for some advice on the best way to handle this, I would like to email them again, but perhaps a phone call would be better? I just want the photos, we didn't have any guest at our wedding so these are the only photos we have of our day. sad

specialsubject Mon 22-Dec-14 14:19:26

I don't think you need to worry about being kind to them.

write a letter, send by recorded delivery, saying you didn't get the service you paid for and you have not received all the photos. Tell them what you want to happen and by when, and that if the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction you'll take it further; small claims court.

you can't reconstruct the day (and hard as it is to see now, it won't matter in a while, very few people ever look at their wedding photos after the first viewing) but you should certainly get what you paid for.

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