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asylumum Fri 19-Dec-14 17:24:29

I need your advise please. I was in court last Thursday with my ex partner in relation to our 7 year old girl. We have shared residence. Amongst the issues that were to be dealt with was an unsafe modified bicycle which my ex uses as his main transport mode. Previously my ex has been given a PSO not to use the bicycle, as can be seen it has very little space for a child to manoeuvre, in any event that she slipped off she would hurt herself. ( See Photo). That PSOs didn't work, I wrote to the court to complain and he was warned and advised to adhere to the order, however he continued using the bicycle. After failing to reason with my ex I had no choice but go back to court again. This time a section 37 report was ordered and prepared to establish the child's feelings and wishes, she explicitly mentioned that she is scared to use the bicycle as it is very wobbly. Unfortunately the judge turned round and mocked me for bringing the same issue to court time and again. He said he is tired of hearing about ZE BIKE !!! ZE BIKE all the time ZE BIKE. This time again he was given another PSO. But as soon as we left the court my child was back on this unsafe bike. He continues using it when the child is in his care. The Social Worker tried to intervene and asked him not to use the bicycle as per court order and the child's wishes, but he refused and said he does not agree with the Judge's judgement. She told me to go back to court again. Am really left confused with all this as I don't know what to do anymore? My child is scared to use the bicycle.

prh47bridge Sat 20-Dec-14 01:20:59

If you want the order enforced I'm afraid you have to go back to court.

lostdad Sat 27-Dec-14 13:07:39

As ph47bridge says court is your only option here. The court has a wide ambit of discretion and will consider what the best option for your DD is.

Keep documenting what is going on, particularly conversations (if you have it in black and white that he does not agree with the Judge's judgement so much the better).

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