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Albany assist - help re: car accident

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cutelife79 Thu 18-Dec-14 23:43:48

Hi, wonder if anyone can help. Ok so I had a car accident about year and half ago. I was stationary at give way line wen someone drove and hit into the back of my vehicle. He admitted liability at the scene but weeks (nearly month) later got letter from my insurance (admiral) that third party denied liability and had an independent witness statement!!!! No one even stopped at the accident and there were definitely no witnesses as we both pulled away together after exchanging details. Anyway, admiral by this time had arranged Albany to arrange for my car repairs who then instructed help hire to hire me a car for few days until car got fixed. As third party denied version of events (claiming I reversed into him) and got his 'so - called mate/ independent witness' to fabricate same story as his my insurance told me I could not claim for personal injury and closed my case. Now a year later today I get letter from Albany saying they got witness statement from third party insurers with third party's version I reversed into him and are asking me for my comments. I was so shocked and wen I called Albany they went on to say if third party continue to dispute it we will have to pay ourselves and they are willing to take us to court over it!!! I am so shocked..i know I don't have a chance with no evidence or witness to back me can they really ask me to pay? Surely even if third party continues to dispute liability ultimately it's my insurance company that will have to pay for the repairs on my car and get me to pay my excess only? But insurance company are saying Albany is nothing to do with them and I had option to go with them at the beginning which I clearly remember I didn't it was all just arranged for me by my insurance company ( btw there was no damage to his car, only my car was damaged) any advice or help would be much appreciated!

greenfolder Fri 19-Dec-14 16:14:10

did you have comprehensive insurance with Admiral?

cutelife79 Fri 19-Dec-14 17:38:49

Yes I was fully comp

greenfolder Fri 19-Dec-14 18:59:10

Did you have the repairs done? Did Albany provide you with a hire car?
I am just off out but will have a look at this later. Basically Albany are usually credit hire providers; you have a car from them. They act on what you have told them of the accident circs to decide whether to offer you a car. To them, this started as a simple hit in rear and on that basis they gave you a car. There is usually some form of insurance in place so that if they cant get their money back. For them to come back to you, they would have to prove that you did not act in good faith. The mere fact that someone has provided a witness statement does not mean at all that you lied

bevelino Mon 29-Dec-14 23:13:15

My insurers are Admiral and they also arranged for Albany Assist to deal with the accident I had recently when a car drove into the back of my car while it was stationary at a zebra crossing. I refused a hire car precisely for the reasons you gave and due to the appalling service from Albany Assist requested that Admiral take the claim back, which they did as I am fully comprehensively insured and Admiral are legally obliged to deal with the claim and recover from the other side. If you do not admit liability for the accident Admiral will have to defend the claim and you must insist the case is decided by the Court.

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