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Advice needed

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Doddy46 Tue 16-Dec-14 18:02:57

This will be along story but please bare with me.

My partner (at the time) got diagnosed with a personality disorder on the 13th November... That evening she told myself and her parents that she needed time and space away from everyone & everything and told us to trust her.

Obviously at first I was going to trust her, but as each day went on I was extremely worried about her. She's 22 and is a young vulnerable girl. Up until the 13th we were both planning our wedding and she knew I had bought a ring and she said I could ask her dad for permission on the 14th this day never arrived as she walked away on the 13th...

Since the 13th November I have found out a lot of things..
- She's in a new relationship
- She's already pregnant with this new guy
- She said she went to stay with a friend but really she was with the new guy from day one.

Since the 13th she has only seen our daughter once! She says I'm stopping her from see lilly but she will only see her if she gets lilly for a weekend, am I being selfish for not letting her do this???

New guy deals drugs, she has a mental illness... And they are the main reasons why I won't allow lilly to go stay with her for a weekend. The ex can't even look after herself let alone our daughter!

She's also spent all of the benefits which are supposed to be used on lilly.

Just after some advice / thinking about getting full custody as lilly is settled here... Nursery, doctors and dentist. She has been living her for past year and a half with the ex. But the ex moved back to her parents for a few weeks then just left.

Thank you

JorgiePorgie Tue 16-Dec-14 18:43:10

I can't really give much advice sorry but hopefully somebody more knowledgeable with come along. However, I'd send MN towers a message and ask them to delete your daughter's name from your posts if I were you. Being fully named could make you, her and your situation very identifiable.

Hopefully someone with reasonable legal expertise will be along shortly.

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