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Party Wall Agreement

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SASASI Sun 14-Dec-14 23:05:38

Currently trying to get an extension passed for a derelict bungalow. Planners have recommended approval but due to objecting neighbours planning permission decision has been deferred -we are not impressed.

Neighbours have went to councillers etc & it seems to be all getting rather heated.

There is a wall that runs partly between the 2 bungalows then it turns into rough looking posts & wire. We know the wall is party - can anyone advise if the posts & wire are? The people who owned our house are deceased & only information our solicitor can provide us with is that we are responsible for maintaining or own boundary. Too vague for my liking.

We are planning to remove the wire and replace with 6 foot fencing, erected onto the posts, for privacy & boundary setting. Because of the objecting neighbours we are not keen to approach them with our plans of fencing - question is do we have to? I'm hoping not!

Really need our facts right so as we can just do it without asking them for agreement as relations have already got off onto a bad footing - their objection letter is very scathing but to be honest I feel like they have just got used to having no neighbours for a long time & don't like idea of upheaval with an extension beside them (both ours & theirs is a detached bungalow). I don't want to have to communicate with them at all sticks head in sand

If we go on ahead & do it and & they approach us about how we should have their permission, I would like to be well versed & firm on why we can do it without their agreement.

Really hope someone can help! Thanks in advance smile

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